Blue Sapphire - Neelam
Natural Neelam Gemstone - Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire – Neelam

18,000.00 16,999.00

Wearing a blue sapphire may help cure bad blood, mental problems, headache, vomiting, deafness, fainting, and may make the bones stronger. It can be worn to protect against heart problems, or by a person suffering from alcoholism. Blue sapphire should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand. Blue sapphire should be atleast of 4 carats. Blue sapphire should not be worn alongwith ruby, pearl, red coral or yellow sapphire

Product Description

Blue Sapphire can help you gain self-mastery that is, mastery of your mind, emotions, and physical body. To understand how Blue Sapphire does this, it is necessary to understand something of the nature of the mind.The mind is complex and comprised of many levels or areas. Thoughts are formed at the highest level of the mind, in the aspect closest to your purely spiritual aspect. They are generated continually; indeed, a new thought is born every moment. As Soul, you have the power to discriminate and choose which thoughts you wish to have. This is an important choice, because your thoughts feed and otherwise profoundly affect your emotions and physical body.

Blue sapphires are the gemstones for Saturn. An ill-placed Saturn in a birth chart can cause poverty and suffering. Wearing blue sapphires can be advantageous for those for whom Saturn is the lord of an auspicious house. If Saturn, as lord of an auspicious house, is afflicted or ill disposed, blue sapphire may help to neutralize its effect.
Blue sapphires bring good effects if the right person wears them; if the wrong person wears them, his or her life can be ruined. Blue sapphires are touchy gems; even when they are worn by the proper people, they can bring negative effects on occasion. This is because some gemstones are unlucky. Therefore, blue sapphire should always be worn for a trial period to ascertain whether the particular stone you have purchased will do harm.


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