Wish Cow - Kamdhenu
Hand Made Wish Cow

Kamadhenu – Wish Cow

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Wish Cow is Hindu Spiritual and Holy Product which is believed to bring not just the Good Luck but also as a decorative pieces at your Home or Office Space. Product is available in Metal Variations, Marble, Clay and Glass (Depending on stock availability, but price differs with type of material and size-weight)

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Product Description

Kamadhenu (Wish Cow) is also well-known through its other five forms: Nanda, Sunanda, Surabhi, Susheela and Sumana. Kamadhenu’s complexion is like the white clouds.Every part of cow’s body has a religious significance. Its four legs symbolise the four Vedas, and its teats the four Purusharthas. Its horns symbolise the gods, its face symbolize the sun and the moon, its shoulders Agni (the god of fire), and its legs the Himalayas Brahma (the creator of the Universe in Hinduism) is her back, while Lord Vishnu is her throat. To the right, a man is seen as protecting the cow from being slaughthered. She’s described as sometimes taking on an anthropomorphic form, with a human head, a cow’s body, a peacock’s tail, and the wings of a parrot.”

Note: Product Image displayed is for demonstration purpose so contact our team to know exact details (Dimensions, Weight and Material).

Also Available Variation includes Hand Made by Artists, made of resins and hand-painted with gold and other naturally occurring colours. These pieces are handcrafted and hand painted by different artists (Priced: 4999/- Rs)


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