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Year of Opportunities – 2017 :: Numerology Predictions

According to the Numerology Predictions, 2017 is a “Universal Year 1” (which begins on Jan 1, 2017) and promises new beginnings and spring, and also signifies new growth. In contrast, last year 2016 was a Universal Year 9, which is of endings, and it was ruled by the planet Mars.

Both the number 9 and Mars are associated with the Fire sign. This meant it was a challenging and competitive year. Babies born in 2017 will be endowed with leadership qualities and intelligence. They will be active but also will have a temper (remember, it’s a Fire sign year).

As 2017 is ruled by the Sun, and Yang (or masculine) energy, it favours boys. Girls born this year or born a number 1 will have behavioural traits of thinking like a man. Mothers are advised to avoid wearing red to activate the Fire energy if they are raising Fire personalities.

Source: Singaporean Numerologist and Bestselling Author “Gracy Yap”

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